Wierdest Electronic Gadgets of June 2020

Weird Electronic Gadgets Of All Time | (June, 2020 Update)

During the technological era, the term electronics has embraced with human life. The growth of electronic gadgets have made a remarkable growth in the global market. Electronic gadgets have made human life much simpler, workable, and advanced. Today country’s economic growth is measured in comparison with technology which indirectly depends on electronic invention. Although most of the electronic gadgets are useful, some are weird. Weird Electronic Gadgets seem to be more exciting and sometimes illogical. Some weird electronic gadgets that existed in the tech world are-

Some Of the Most Famous Weird Electronic Gadgets are-


Never imagined an electronic gadget can ever detect a person’s mood, but that’s reality. While “mood rings” have existed for years, MoodMetric hopes to do more than show how you’re feeling. It wants to help you manage those emotions, too. MoodMetric measures nervous system signals to provide insight into its wearer’s mental state. The ring connects to a smartphone app, which the company claims can display how intense a person’s emotions are in actual time. Everyone may hope to have a gadget that may detect a person’s mood.


Philips Somneo

Weird Electronic Gadgets Of All Time

A smart lamp which manages humans, making human life comfortable without efforts. A smartphone-enabled sunrise alarm clock and therapy lamp that also has built-in sensors to measure your bedroom’s temperature, noise, light, and humidity levels, and can make suggestions to help you get a better night’s sleep.


Moleskine Pen+ Smart Writing Set

In order to ensure safety storing data in your computer or a laptop is still the safest place. If you still like writing in paper notebooks but like to have an electronic copy, this is the tool for you, as the Pen+ digital smartpen will record every stroke and digitize them for archive or later use. Although it may sound weird but safety along with privacy is ensured and everyone may wish to have such gadgets that digitalize things.


Smart Belt

Belty, the self-adjusting smart belt, captured the world’s attention during the opening night of 2015’s CES, the tech industry’s annual showcase for new gear. Wirelessly connecting to a smartphone app that tracks things like, well, waist size, Belty tightened up or expand on the fly, depending on how much chow you cram into your lunch-hole any day. Belty’s prototype was made of metal and plastic, giving it a flashy yet industrial feel.



Yota Devices is hoping the hours we spend staring at our smartphone screens will prompt tech addicts to opt for a handset with two screens instead of one. The company’s YotaPhone is an Android-based phone with an HD color touchscreen on one side and an e-paper display on the other.



Billed as an Internet alarm clock, Chumby was a small soft beanbag-shaped device that consisted of a 3.5-inch touch-screen LCD, some wireless networking components, and a network of widgets designed to keep you entertained and informed 24 hours a day. Susan Kare, designer of Apple’s original iconic desktop icons, was the company’s creative director. Launched in 2007, the $179 leather-cased device predated the days when everyone had a smartphone on their nightstand. As a result, Chumby hoped to become the go-to gadget for checking news headlines.


Ember Smart Mug

SmartMug weird electronic gadget

Electronic gadgets have made temperature control much easier which is also a weird thing. Because of which the world looks much more simpler. If you are someone who leaves your hot beverages until they go cold, then you make another only to repeat the process, this is the gadget for you – Ember will keep your hot drink at your desired temperature all-day if left on the charging plate and up to one hour when you are on the move.

Overall all electronic gadgets are useful for humans and had made human life simpler and have witnessed promising for completion on tasks.

According to you which is the weirdest electronic gadgets of all time?

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