Best 5 Professional Video Meeting Conference Apps of 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the whole world for several months now. It has led to the most significant number of lockdowns/shutdowns worldwide in precisely the same period in history. Hence, we’re forced to learn new tactics to study or work and begin to use online services for other things as well, apart from just watching Netflix or using social media. To operate, work, and communicate from home successfully, you need to gain access to suitable applications, such as different video meeting conference apps, to contact teachers or colleagues. Therefore, you come across the challenge of finding the very best video conferencing solution for your particular eLearning needs and office meetings. Thus, to assist you with this, we’ve put together a list of several video conferencing applications below. They may prove to be useful for you to work from home in the present lockdown period. 

Zoom Meetings

The Zoom application provides excellent sound and video quality for internet Conventions/ online meetings with numerous participants. So this occupies a significant spot in the list of best five video meeting conference apps of 2020. It rose to fame with the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak and has become the go-to instrument for a variety of organizations. It features a straightforward solution to remain connected through your desktop or mobile device. The app provides virtual wallpapers, whiteboard, screen sharing features, chat, and separate meetings.

Image source: Bing. Zoom App (Best 5 Professional Video Meeting Conference Apps of 2020)

You may just view the speaker on your screen, or you’ll be able to use the gallery option, displaying all of the participants on the call. Moreover, the host controls everything, and if he/she decides, he/she can limit the features you may use throughout a meeting (such as unmuting yourself or recording the session). The zoom service includes a free version, in addition to the three paid subscription kinds. The free version has a few limits to the number of participants and length of the meeting. The most expensive one provides unlimited cloud storage and enhanced security.

Google Meet (or Google Hangouts)

Google Meet is a service from Google’s business-oriented service package, G Suite. Right now, Google is offering schools and businesses utterly free access to the service due to the coronavirus pandemic (which will expire on September 20, 2020). Google Meet is a part of Google’s extensive package of apps and supports most popular platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Adding to this, being a web app,  this app (among the list of top 5 video meeting conference apps) doesn’t require users to download another software on their PC.

Image source: Bing. Google Meet (Best 5 Professional Video Meeting Apps of 2020)

All you need to do is create a meeting and share the unique link with whoever needs to join. It allows a maximum of 250 participants in a call and gives the live streaming potential of up to 100,000 audiences for a domain. Additionally, Google has introduced a gallery view, so if you wish, you can see all of the participants in the conference call. This application also offers virtual backgrounds and screen sharing.


Skype is a simple, easy-to-use application that allows you to create calls, video conferences, send files, and uses very little memory on your devices. It’s one of the free video meeting conference apps. It is deemed to be among the most generous of services as soon as it comes to the features given in the free tier. Moreover, it is an internet-based app, which means you don’t necessarily have to have any software installed on your device to access it.

Image source: Bing. Skype (Best 5 Professional Video Meeting Apps of 2020)

Twenty-five participants on a reliable video connection make it one of the better and more economical options for video conferencing applications. Adding to this, the screen portions, good sound quality, and excellent image quality draw more people. Moreover, it allows you to video conference for four hours at a time for free, for as much as ten hours of video conference a day, meaning that you could easily spend over half of your awake time skyping with someone if you wanted!

WebEx Meetings

WebEx Meetings is one of the broader choices for video conferencing apps. Cisco, a world-renowned firm back this tool. With this kind of financing, expectations are high, and WebEx Meetings don’t disappoint. This is the reason that we have put this in the list of best five video conferencing apps of 2020. It is quite popular with business users, and the app has some excellent features. Its free version allows 50 to 100 participants. Additionally, it enables unlimited timing for every meeting.

Image source: Bing. WebEx Meeting (Best 5 Professional Video Meeting Apps of 2020)

As soon as you begin a call, you can share your display as a blank white area. And then utilize a vast array of sketching text, tools, and geometric shapes to collaborate. You may even create different whiteboard pages. And see them one at a time or browse through them as thumbnails. The best part is that every person can use the whiteboard in precisely the same moment. The features given in the free version are adequate for many situations. Additionally, it delivers a lot of paid tiers too.


BlueJeans is another program favoured by many businesses. A superior video conferencing experience that’s optimized for the mobile workforce is provided by it. With amazing attributes, like Dolby Voice audio, BlueJeans helps create every meeting more productive no matter where the participants are. From start to finish, BlueJeans promises productive digital meetings with no difficulties. It’s a quick, practical, and reliable solution to arrange productive online meetings.

video meeting conference apps
Image source: Bing. BlueJeans (Best 5 Professional Video Meeting Apps of 2020)

Three pricing tiers may be selected to suit an organization’s requirements. Depending on the package, the app can support up to 150 participants during a single call. Other noteworthy features of this video meeting conference app include saving recording on the cloud, calendar support, and a lot more. To host meetings via the BlueJeans, you need to have an existing BlueJeans account; however, to attend the meetings, you don’t require an account.

                   So, we’ve listed the top five most excellentvideo meeting conference apps above. Now choose the one that you would like to utilize to attend your meetings with ease.


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