Top Smartwatches Under Rs. 10,000

Best Budget Smartwatches To Buy Under Rs. 10000 This Year

Having Smartwatches nowadays is really essential especially if you are a teenager and a fitness freak or want to invest in new and unique technology. This is a must-have thing. But in today’s time, thinking of most of the people says that a smartwatch can be really expensive and out of their budget but trust me, there is no need to spend a lot of money on a reliable smartwatch as there are a lot of budget-friendly smartwatches in today’s era which comes with great features and specifications.

All the big Smartwatch features include tracking your activities and fitness goals, listening to music, talking to google assistants, monitoring heart rate and sleep, and many more. Smartwatches can easily be paired via Bluetooth with our smartphones through which we can see all the updates, calls, and messages on our smartwatches. Today in this article, I am going to tell you all about the Top 3 best budget smartwatches under ₹10,000 you can buy.

Best Budget Smartwatches in 2020-



NoiseFit Evolve is a stylish smartwatch that is produced by the company Noise started in 2014. Moreover, NoiseFit Evolve comes with a unique design and an eye-catching round AMOLED display. The matching straps and its round look make it classy with a touch of modern design and uniqueness.

Often one is not able to read his/her watch under direct sunlight but the AMOLED display makes it easier to read under direct sunlight on a NoiseFit Evolve. This watch can track walking, indoor walking, running, indoor running, outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, even mountaineering, swimming, and yoga.

One can set his/her own goals and achieve it with the help of NoiseFit Evolve. If you are health conscious NoiseFit Evolve monitors your heart rate 24/7, tracks your sleep time, and the calories you burn to help measure your daily fitness. With NoiseFit Evolve chances of missing your notifications are going to be slim to none as it gives you alerts for calls, messages, and popular social media apps without taking your phone out of your pocket.

NoiseFit Evolve has 3 days of battery life and 10 days of standby, its rain and sweat-proof with IP68 rated waterproofing, connects to the free, easy to use NoiseFit PEAK app, available on Android & IOS, for smartphone notifications, music & camera control, fitness & health tracking and much more. You can get this exquisite watch for Rs 5,499 with a 1-year guarantee which is a pretty good deal.




AMAZFIT Verge Lite is a smartwatch with a great look produced by HUAMI. If you are pretty conscious about the display of your smartwatch then you would be happy to know that AMAZFIT Verge Lite features a 1.3-inch AMOLED display. The GPS and GLONASS dual-mode positioning make the search for satellite signals fast and accurate which could help track your routes and distances while running, walking, or cycling.

Smartwatches generally have a low battery life which annoys many people but not this one. It has a 20-day battery life so that you can travel freely whether its work, business trip, or even a vacation. AMAZFIT Verge Lite supports full-day automatic heart rate detection. It also supports heart rate warning and detects a heart rate that exceeds the warning value.

AMAZFIT Verge Lite tracks and analyzes your sleep data, allows you to customize the dial background, and helps you control your music directly from your watch, receive notifications for emails, messages, and other smartphone apps directly on the screen of your smartwatch. This amazing watch is available for a price of Rs 6,999.




Noise is a company which is known for introducing budget smartwatches and its accessories. They also launched a new smartwatch in the Indian market, which is the NoiseFit Fusion Hybrid. The company is calling this smartwatch as India’s first full touch hybrid smartwatch. It comes with the traditional analog features along with a variety of new capabilities for a smartwatch.

This device is introduced with a stainless steel and sapphire glass, featuring a 1.22 inch round, full-color touch display that offers 240 x 240 pixels screen resolution. Noise is also offering a set of 14 distinct watch faces. Where each of them appeals to distinct sensibilities. This smartwatch is powered by a 250mAh battery which can easily offer 3 days of battery life in Smart Mode and about 30 days in analog mode.

It can track and analyze your sleep data and can also monitor your heart rate. The NoiseFit Fusion Hybrid comes in a variety of colors including Classic Black, Vintage Brow, and Rose Gold color options. This amazing and cool watch is available for a price of Rs 6,999.

Comment down below what’s your favorite pick in the list of Best Budget Smartwatches. 

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