Future of gaming in india

The Advancement In Future Of Gaming In India: Top Gaming Trends

India is slowly catching its pace with the rest of the world and the Future of Gaming. The gaming industry has experienced a boom all around the world and especially in INDIA. A huge number of around 250 million gamers are there in India with mostly of age group 15-31. India also has many professional gamers who compete with other gamers globally. Many of them have taken this field as their major job and source of earning.

With cheap internet facilities many youngsters like to spend their time playing games with their friends, they even make new friends online through games like PUBG, a game which already has made its way in almost every Indian household.

4G effect on future of gaming

The effect of 4g on the Future of gaming

4G has given India a push in recent years in gaming. So, we can also see a drastic growth in mobile gaming with 4G being introduced in India. In many cities gaming zones and colleges work as hotspots for gamers and many kinds of tournaments and challenges are held at the national level in many colleges and universities, which promotes the growth of gaming in India. People play games because these offer a more personalized experience to them. While playing games, they can get more options and do more things.

The Future of Gaming depends upon the gamers which demands personalized experience. With increasing advancement in AR and VR this demand is likely to get fulfilled in the coming years. In the upcoming years, people will get a lot more freedom and will able to do a lot more things in Gaming.

Future of gaming

The gaming with the rise of esports

Esports which is a video game competition has come a long way in India from tournaments in colleges and universities. We can also see an increase in AR and VR future of gaming in India. Every day many recent games are being launched with new changed features and facilities. Startups are emerging all around the globe with the aim to provide end to end solutions to better gaming. Many startups help in improving mobile gaming and create a macro-level arena for gamers. These startups also helps in creating huge platforms for the games like Fortnite, Pubg, Call of Duty, etc.

Mobile gamers comprise the largest population of online gaming, where they can easily play online games without purchasing expensive gear like PS4 and XBOX.

To encourage the gaming environment, Esports events take place all over the world. Here, competitive gamers of different leagues come together to compete against each other. The eSports industry was worth $1.1 billion in 2019 and will reach $2.17 billion in 2023. 

So, now with the pandemic of Covid-19 looming upon everybody, people are spending more and more time and energy on online gaming. The Future of Gaming is more bright than ever before with various opportunities and untapped potential which lies ahead.

In today’s world, India has over 250 gaming companies. As per NASSCOM, the gaming industry of India today is more than Rs 5000 crore in size. With all these advancements, the Indian gaming industry is looking very promising in the upcoming years.

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