Top 7 Smartphone Android Features That Mega Brands Copied from Apple

Top 7 Smartphone Android Features That Mega Brands Copied from Apple

As the Cellular world is becoming overflowed with new devices, mobile applications, and smartphone android features, the consumers’ demand for more advanced features is touching the skies. It is now imperative for all mobile companies to present a different factor to their operating system to gain limelight in the marketplace. Within this continuous race of engaging their target consumers with innovations and convenience, many times Google and Apple have been discovered to have inspired by each other’s ideas and attributes.

In various instances, they have proven that they select each other’s best characteristics and introduce them in their apparatus.

So, given below is the list of top 7 smartphone android features that mega brands copied from Apple and iPhone.

Animoji and Facial Recognition

The Characteristic of unlocking devices and applications using facial recognition or Face ID is a feature that Apple brought into the mobile world. They first introduced the concept of scanning faces for authentication purposes, which is currently a significant component for Android devices.

Top 7 Smartphone Android Features
Image source: Bing.  Animoji and Facial Recognition (Top 7 Android Features That Mega Brands Copied from Apple and iPhone)

The Touch ID was introduced to the iPhone 5S. Now all Android phones, budget, mid-range, and flagship possess a fingerprint sensor. The fingerprint sensor isn’t a bad thing since it isn’t only more secure but also quicker. Now android manufacturers also have begun adding face unlock attributes to their smartphones.

Contrary to the iPhone X’s depth camera, Android manufacturers utilize the front-facing camera to authenticate the user. This process isn’t secure and can easily be fooled. Additionally, this doesn’t work well in low lighting conditions. Samsung has also copied Apple’s Animoji using its version called AR Emoji. The AR Emoji also uses the front camera as opposed to an accurate depth sensor. Android manufacturers would need to develop new technologies for biometric authentication in the future.

Gesture Navigation

Google has faced much criticism concerning Android’s Gesture navigation System. When publishing Android Pie, the search giant did not think a bit before introducing half-ready Android Pie gestures. All because it wanted to be ahead in this race of technology.

Now, the gestures on Android 10 work nearly the same as they Do about the iPhone. By way of instance, you can swipe along the bottom border to switch between the different applications.

Image Source: Bing. Gesture Navigation (Top 7 Android Features That Mega Brands Copied from Apple And iPhone)

Like the iPhone’s gesture, you can swipe from the left or right border of your phone to return on your Android 10. It’s something else that this significant change messed up the menu bar that is obtained by swiping from the left border.

Still, Android does provide the old 2-button 3-button navigation as extra options, and that’s a fantastic thing because some users may not want to jump straight away!

eSIM Support

eSIMs are modern-day replacement of the traditional SIM Cards that we all have been using for ages. Device makers have made our lives simpler by placing the SIM card technology within the smartphone, enabling users to switch between carriers.

Image Source: Bing. eSIM Support (Top 7 Android Features That Mega Brands Copied From Apple And iPhone)

Apple allows its users to set up eSIM on supported devices. Google has been sending eSIM on its phones since Pixel two (that means before iPhone XS), but it was restricted to Project Fi. However, with Android 10, users can now put that excess hardware to some actual work.

Fast Sharing Feature

Google is introducing a Fast Share attribute on Android Devices, which will work like AirDrop (present in Apple). This attribute will unite Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionalities to send and receive documents, URLs, and text snippets to individuals nearby.

Image source: Bing. Fast Sharing Feature (Top 7 Android Features That Mega Brands Copied From Apple And iPhone)

However, there’ll still be a difference between AirDrop and Fast Share. Transfer functionality, in Fast Share, won’t be restricted to a contact list and apparatus. You’ll have the ability to share documents with anyone using Chromebooks, iOS smartphones and that wear AndroidOS smartwatches.

Sound Amplifier

iOS 12 brought an entry feature that doubles as your surveillance tool. You can allow the Live Listen attribute in the Control Panel and utilize your AirPods (or PowerBeats Pro) to listen to each audio captured via the iPhone’s (or iPad’s) mic in real-time.

Top 7 Android Features
Image source: Bing. Sound Amplifier (Top 7 Android Features That Mega Brands Copied From Apple And iPhone)

Google has introduced a new Sound Amplifier attribute that also does more or less a similar job. The difference here is that it only works with earphones with a 3.5mm jack into Type-C port. Additionally, Google’s offering appears to be giving far more control choice than Live Listen.

Removing the headphone jack

To replicate the iPhone X, many Android manufacturers like Sony, Nokia, Google, etc. have ditched the headphone jack. There’s not any good reason for this besides aesthetics. Apple was the first manufacturer to take out the headphone jack with the launch of the iPhone 7.

Top 7 Android Features
Image source: Bing. Removing The Headphone Jack (Top 7 Android Features That Mega Brands Copied From iPhone And Apple)

Since then, many manufacturers, including Google with the launch of Pixel 2 and the Pixel two XL in 2017, have eliminated the jack. Now, we could do nothing but only wish that Apple hadn’t ditched the jack for appearances as now everybody is copying it and forcing clients to change to Bluetooth or wireless headset.

Wi-Fi Password Sharing

Not everybody wants to share their Wi-Fi passwords. So, to help you with that, iOS permits you to share your Wi-Fi connection without disclosing your password. Google has also added this attribute to Android 10. But its working is somewhat different from that of Apple’s.

Image source: Bing. Wi-Fi Password Sharing (Top 7 Android Features That Mega Brands Copied From Apple And iPhone)

You can share your password with others using QR code. It looks like a more sensible approach than what Apple has done. For example, that bar code may be useful during a house party, and your guest will not keep asking you for the password.

                                                              These were some significant attributes that came to iOS, even before they were applied in the Android market, which I have mentioned above in the list of top 7 smartphone android features that mega brands copied from Apple and iPhone. Not that AndroidOS has done anything wrong; it is just that these features came on iOS first, which makes both the platforms look similar.

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