IPhone 2020 Mobile Security in Covid-19

iPhone 2020-A Revolution To Premium Mobile Security To Combat Covid-19

In the technological and competitive era of online transitions, sending and receiving money using cell phones is only possible due to mobile security. The term ‘mobile security‘ is a highly utilized, practiced, recommended, essential, adapted, and appreciated mode of security as mobile security.

Fingerprint, passcode, and face lock are the various options available to ensure privacy and maintain safety. After the evoke of the lethal pandemic Covid-19 use of face masks is essential and has involved as a major part of our daily clothing. Due to which an obstacle to face lock has been evoked as a major issue of mobile security. As face ID involves capturing of eyes, nose and face shapes face masks may violate rules of mobile security i.e face lock.

Mobile Security Of iPhone

Pros Of iPhone 2020’s Upgraded Security

When it comes to mobile security, the iPhone proves itself to be the most promising brand. The idea of unlocking a mobile phone with face IDs was introduced by the iPhone. As usual after the iPhone introduced it the whole industry applied it. The iPhone has put a lot of effort and huge revenue into making the system fast, secure, and reliable. iPhone face detectors use 3D sensors and infrared dots while including hardware.

On the contrary android phone uses software such as phone cameras which in less secure and may result in privacy loss. The use of face ids after the pandemic would be a dangerous approach to security as it may involve the removal of protective face masks. To overcome the obstacle, the iPhone will come up with an upgraded security approach to ensure its customer’s safety.

As the iPhone face lock proved the best facial recognition, the new era of authenticating face for unlocking iPhone using mobile security may have a unique approach and perspective. To follow precautionary measures iPhone has new solutions for its customers to make excess easier. The process of authentication to unlock iPhone small change has been introduced which includes the normal face recognition along with a manual passcode screen to be displayed to unlock the screen.


iPhone security

HOW iPHONE 2020’S Facial Feature Works

The face Id is designed in a way that needs a full scan of the face with eyes opened followed by a passcode. As face mask or cloth needs to be embraced with the face as it has become a normal practice during the disastrous pandemic Covid-19 due to which without affecting face security and avoiding removal of safety masks The new update may not only increase face lock security but also enhance privacy and accuracy. Mobile security will be much precise.

Mistakes such as misunderstanding that may arise due to false face recognition may gain a full stop. A high level of accuracy may be witnessed as the right person can access at the right time With enhanced and evoked facial scanning iPhone may gain an edge over the global market in terms of mobile security. Hence use of the iPhone for security reasons maybe flourished. Although iPhone face id security will prove itself and provide simple, natural, and effortless mobile security and will furnish privacy to our sensitive information and documents.

The Flip Side Of The Facial Security Feature

Although the biometric mode of mobile security had also proven itself insecure in some cases. Introduction of the iPhone update of face Ids using masks may decrease the use of face lock in mobile security. A kind of risk will be generated in the minds of the customers or iPhone users. Six digits PIN code is still a better and secure option as compared to face lock. We can be on the much safer side in terms of mobile security but depending totally on face Ids mode would put customers on the dangerous side.

Although, we may change the password but if someone recognizes and learns it there is no option to modify your iris. Cases of cheating and fooling have also arisen which includes a print of iris in paper and then putting a wet contact lens to mimic the roundness of the human eye. A time-consuming process that violates the actual meaning of biometric security. More precautions need to be added as compared to other methods. Hence iPhone needs to have much more upgraded security which may in turn give rise to ever-increasing prices in the global market.

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