Bluetooth Headphones VS Earpods/Airpods: Which One Should You Invest In?

Just a decade ago no one would have ever imagined a world without wires viable, but this scenario has changed and wireless is not the demand but the need of people in the digital era and audio devices are not an exception.

The advances in Bluetooth technology have greatly increased audio clarity and greatly increased its range making wireless audio devices the best if not the first choice for consumers.

This reflected by the audio industry with a plethora of wireless audio devices with various features and designs and it can be quite confusing if not tiring to choose the best from the rest. So let’s dive in and explore the wireless world of Bluetooth headphones.

Bluetooth Headphones VS Earpods

Wireless or True Wireless 

The wireless headphones can be segregated into three main types of audio devices wireless over-ear/ on-ear headphones, a neckband attached to earphones, and truly wireless earphones or Earpods/AirPods. All of these devices have Bluetooth and batteries built-in and can connect to any Bluetooth audio transmitting device.

Bluetooth headphones and Bluetooth neckbands are an implementation of the same concept as in wireless neck all the major electronic components reside in the headband whereas in the headphones all the electronics are placed in the earcups. The true wireless earphones or earpods contain all the components in a small form factor with the size of a penny.

These implementations have their own merits and problems. Bluetooth headphones while being bulky but offer sound isolation likewise Earpods/AirPods being small and light can be easily lost and don’t have any passive sound isolation, thus many factors come into while selecting a proper device for your use case.

Bluetooth Airpods importance in Headphones VS Earpods

Audio Quality

The audio quality of any audio device depends on the drivers, codecs used, and the transmission rate of the audio, and the same is the case with wireless audio devices.

An audio codec is a program in Bluetooth that is used to compresses data to seamlessly transfer them to an audio source that decompressed and plays them on the audio drivers, kind of like when you compress your clothes in your luggage before leaving for a vacation and unpack them at your room.

Today there are many audio codecs available but Qualcomm aptX and Sony LDAC are new and more advanced than others likewise better audio drivers are big which enables them to produce a wide range of frequency with greater quality and sound.

Bluetooth headphones have to decode only once as generally their audio drivers are connected by wires, unlike earpods which have to perform the whole process twice and do it simultaneously which can hamper the sound quality if the frequency of signal matching and Bluetooth connectivity is same. 

Thus when it comes to the quality of sound Bluetooth headphones more specifically over-ear headphones have an upper hand.   

Noise Cancellation 

Imagine you are sitting in a park listing to an audio story and the author is going to reveal the murderer when suddenly somebody screams and you are unable to make out who was the culprit and you think “what is the use of buying a Bluetooth Headphone or Earpods/AirPods when you can listen to what you want?”

Thus noise cancellation is an important feature. Earpods achieve passive noise cancellation by sitting flush to your ear canal while Bluetooth Headphones do the same with the padding on the earcups.

Like true wireless we have true noise cancellation known as active voice cancellation makes use of Electro Acoustics Technology to create waves of opposite frequencies which effectively destroys any unwanted sound.

Thus you must consider something that has the best of both worlds, but Bluetooth over-ear Headphones are the ones that come out on the top here as they have excellent passive and AVC like Sony’s WHMX1000X3 and Bose noise-cancelling Headphones 700.

Workout Sessions

Everybody loves to have music in their ear while working out, also its seen that strong music during workout sessions may influence people to push their limits, 

Bluetooth headphones and Earpods make this a reality removing all strings attached form your music. But you should consider more things if you want to work out hassle-free.

Bluetooth Headphones being bulky and tight-fitting are not at all recommended for sweaty workout sessions it not only make them gross but the sweat that you shed can kill them too. 

Unlike the Headphones Earpods are light and some do have water resistance by the thought of losing them during exercise make them a risky contestant.

The best choice here is Bluetooth wireless neckband earphones that stay intact and also away from sweat. The best device for this category is Apple AirPods Pro.


Additional Features

One must also consider the additional features that you get which can come handy from time to time. Some notable features are

  1. Mic: Having a Bluetooth headphone with mic make it hassles to attend a call without reaching out for your phone.
  2. Touch Support: Comes in handy when you want to scroll/play/pause tracks and is better than pocking buttons on your Bluetooth Headphones/Earpods.
  3. Peer to Peer mode: It let you use your Bluetooth Headphones/Earpods as walkie talkies.
  4. Voice Control and Virtual Assistant support.
  5. Multipoint support 

Having them will be a bonus and may come handy the day you need them.

Budget and Battery Life

Budget and Battery Life are the two most important considerations that you should make while choosing Bluetooth Headphones or Earpods, so let’s talk about them one by one.

Earpods have better battery life thanks to their smaller designs and drivers. They last twice as much as your average Bluetooth Headphones. Thus if you have a busy life and have uninterrupted music all day long Earpods are a great choice. 

Like any device, the actual price of the product is not solely defined by the product but by the brand also, premium brands charge luxury tax for their product. Thus one must compare them by all parameters listed above and choose wisely.

The Verdict

As illustrated neither Earpods nor Bluetooth Headphones check all the boxes, but it can be concluded that if you are serious with your music or you use them for work Bluetooth Headphone will be your perfect partner as they provide clear sound, have better drivers, and don’t struggle with signal interference in short if you want the best sound quality and no compromise they are the way to go.

But if you are frustrated by a bulk sitting on your head during exercise or you want to listen to music casually during work the Earpods/AirPods will be the best choice.


Bluetooth Headphone that offers the best bang for the buck is Anker Soundcore Life Q20. 

Best Ear pod for android Samsung Galaxy Buds Truly Wireless and Apple users is undoubtedly Apple AirPods Pro.

Hope y’ll enjoyed reading the blog post, you are most welcome to provide your feedback in the comment section below.

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