Top 7 Gaming Apps for Senior Citizens and Elderly people

Top 7 Gaming Apps for Senior Citizens and Elderly people

As we age, it can become harder to remember things. Often short-term memory is most affected by age, which can then impact day-to-day activities such as food shopping, house chores, and remembering activities. It is therefore very important to test it out and challenge the brain every day. Memory games not only help older people to improve memory, but they can also reduce loneliness. Challenging the mind with a cumulative shopping tale game is a fun activity that really enhances memory skills as well as social interaction. Research suggests that 3D gaming platforms such as Super Mario may be particularly good gaming apps for senior citizens since they require fast responses, forward planning, and a memory of which keys to use.


Best 7 gaming apps for senior citizens 


1. Roll The Ball-


For puzzle game lovers, this one is an untiring addition to the genre as it’s a coalesce of wide variety puzzle games. You just leveled up. From a single move solving the puzzle to the challenging ones taking your brain on rides, the sinful proportion never lets you go low on your enthusiasm to play more and more.


How to play?

  • Slide tiles to create a connecting path for the ball to roll to the GOAL!
  • Set a new record by earning the perfect 3-star rating.
  • Select various modes, including Multiplayer, for more excitement!


Roll the Ball-Slide Puzzle is available on mobile phones & tablet PCs.
Roll the Ball-Slide Puzzle contains ads varying from banners, interstitials, videos to house ads.
It is free to play, however, you may purchase in-app items, such as AD-FREE & coins.


2. Carrom 3D-




 With technology taking the front seat, the virtual world being more fascinating, are we missing out on our age-old time-killing fun games? Well, no more, wood-board carrom is all back in its graphically stunning 3D avatar, adding on to your pleasure and comfort by its relatively easy way of playing on your smartphones and tabs with your friends from anywhere you desire to. From beginners to experts, this one has a lot in store for all with the controls being as intuitive as in a real gig.


3. Fruit Ninja-


Exhilarating Variety shall be two perfect words to quote this game. Fruit Ninja came to market silently but triumph afterward wasn’t much hushed as it was. In the gameplay, fruits are tossed up from the bottom of the screen and the player shall slice them in half by swiping. The only catch will be occasional bombs in between, and but as the game progresses the speed and number fruit might make it hard for the user to hold on. Various pieces of fruit enter the screen at sporadic times, so players need to stay focused to ensure the don’t miss a single slice. If they do, they earn an “X.” Earn three and it’s game over. If players stop paying attention for even a second, they risk missing big scoring opportunities, and may even end up ending the game.


4. Chess Games-


Tired of watching action movies and want to get on real war crushing over the opponent’s mind, what can be a better than a brain-storming game of chess. From youngsters to elders, beginner to chess masters, the Chess Free presented by Al factory Limited is the deal. With 12 subtle levels, different modes from casual to professional players, and with a tutor suggesting strategies and moves, there is no better platform than this to play chess anywhere and anytime in your active work schedule.


5. Unblock Me-


Unblock Me- Gaming apps senior citizens


If you are looking for some real deal, then Unblock me is a perfect treat for you. The game board is arranged with blocks with enough rooms left for limited movement of each. Your task is to get the red one out to exit point, moving the tightly-packed blocks among one another. The gameplay is simple, but as levels proceed it could centrifuge your brain. There are 6500 levels with 4 difficulty levels, and it’s worth mentioning that this is a cognition improving game.


6. Where’s My Water-



Now it’s a serious business we are going to see? Unlike kids’ game, here you are entrusted with supplying water for an alligator named Swampy. Though it sounds simple, building a road for water flow isn’t that easy-peasy. There are numerous obstacles on the way, which needs to be tackled, at the same time keeping the water clean from pollutants and microbe. Navigating water through clean channels is what you will be doing here, and you’ll find at least 140 levels of pure fun with this game. You should download this award-winning game right away.


7. Bag It-

Bag It-Gaming apps senior citizens

This game is no different from the stack and arrange genre, but the story behind it is amusing and worth spending time. There are these items to be packed into a bag, but all of them have an attitude that is more like humans. So certain things don’t go with certain items, and certain stuff only fits economically inside the bag if put accordingly, all left to the user’s logic. The mission is to fill the bag with the list of items before you could do a stir up to ensure items stay inside that bag, if you get it, then there you go.

What are the best Gaming apps for senior citizens according to you?

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