Dell XPS 15 launch in India

The Launch of Dell XPS 15 VS Dell XPS 17| An Ideal Choice?

Dell is an American multinational computer technology company that develops, sells, repairs, and supports computers and related products and services. Dell is a computer company founded in 1984 Texas, United States. The journey of Dell has been nothing but phenomenal with alternative models and versions of laptops coming into the market with the latest features. This American-based company has now released two laptops Dell XPS 15 and Dell XPS17 which are yet to be launched into the market. 


Dell XPS 15

Dell XPS 15



Dell has produced its smallest laptop of 39.62cm with a unique OLED display option. Not only this laptop has high performance, but it also has a unique sleek design. For those who are detail-oriented, they would be happy to know that Dell XPS 15 comes with Ultra Sharp 4k display.

It is a touch-friendly laptop which makes it exceptional than other laptops. It includes the latest 9th gen Intel core processor providing an exceptional experience for users.

Dell has really worked on the loading time of your favorite apps by providing the NVIDIA GTX 1650 GPU power which gives phenomenal speed for video editing, photography, and other activities.

This laptop comes with a memory of 32GB with a bandwidth of 2666MHz. With a storage of 1TB and equipped with Wi-Fi 6 technology, this offers connectivity at a phenomenal pace. With a battery life of 20.5 hours, one can spend his all day on this laptop.

The launch of XPS 15 was on 28th May 2019 in India at a price of Rs. 98,200.


Dell XPS 17


Dell XPS 17 is a step further in the XPS series. They have improved its display size from the previous version to about 17 inches in this product. With increased performance and innovative measures in design, XPS 17 is the best that Dell offers.

For those who are really in habit of listening to their favorite song will surely be satisfied with the speakers, offered in Dell XPS 17 with Waves Nx 3D audio technology.

Many laptops don’t perform well because of less fan airflow. This causes hardware malfunctioning but not this laptop as it has better airflow to dissipate heat.

With a single charge, an individual can use this laptop for 25 hours straight, which is mind-blowing.

XPS 17 has a display resolution with a Core i5 processor with 8GB RAM and a weight of 2.11 kg with up to 2TB storage capacity.

The launch of Dell XPS 17 was on 13th May 2020 roughly at a price of Rs. 1,14,000.

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