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How To Identify Between Branded vs Duplicate Electronic Products?

In this competitive world with increased demand in the global market, the need for duplicates in the global market has evoked. In order to have useful gadgets for a limited period, duplicates products prove itself to be the best. Although the manufacturing of duplicates products may increase business along with employment, opportunities, chances of the customer’s of getting cheated has enhanced.

To enhance business needs manipulation along with manufacturing duplicate products have evolved by cheating customers. So the knowledge of products has now become essential for the customers so as to be on the safer side. Replicas of watches, headphones, speakers along with other gadgets may unknowingly cheat customers.

Tips to identify Branded vs Duplicate electronic products of some gadgets are listed as-


1. Start with your screen.

Usually, the latest branded smartphones have top quality screen guard. The glass screen runs nearly to the vertical edges of the device. It is observed that duplicate smartphones usually have a gap between the edge of the screen and the side of the device.

2. Check button placement

Volume button, home screen button and on off button can differ with the original one. Customers can compare it easily in the global market.

3. Click pictures, take videos

The latest smartphones take pictures, grasp videos in a second. If your smartphone takes more time or doesn’t respond quickly, then the probability of having duplicate smartphones increases.

4.Attention to the Accessories

After buying smartphones from a third-party, customers should visit the manufacturer website and need to verify the packing and the accessories associated with it.

The easiest step to verify a branded or a duplicate smartphone is that every smartphone is embedded with a unique International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number. It is observed that usually duplicate smartphones lack this IMEI number or it contained fake IMEI number. IMEI number is a 15 digit serial number that may be fixed on the mobile phone bill, on the box or under the smartphone battery if removable. To verify the IMEI number you can dial *#06# on your mobile. Usually, all the branded smartphones will have its brand logo on the box.

Another way to deal with this kind of manipulation is to check the color of the smartphones, whether such color smartphones are available in the global market or not.



Although during the past few decades brands in the global market have strengthened to a greater extent. Difficulties in the global market have been witnessed but branded watches have never been effected. Duplicate watches prefer to be more satisfying and stylish. Duplicate watches also proves to be 99% similar to the branded and original ones. The duplicate watches are also classified as replicas, duplicate, first grade, and imitation. Some duplicate manufacturers copy the style and look while some copy the name.

1. Look for the detects in the watches

Since watches are made using strict quality standards and genuine designer, watches are crafted by master watchmakers who use precise engraving instruments to create clear, legible lettering on the watch. If any of the lettering is muddled or hard to read, you can assume that the watch is probably a fake.

2. Hold the watch and weight it

Usually, genuine watches are crafted with precious material and have a lot of moving parts because of which it weighs heavier. On the contrary, duplicate watches may weigh lighter.

3.Search for an official serial number

Designer watches have an alphanumeric number printed somewhere on the watch, which matches with a number provided on the case and/or warranty. Make sure that any numbers or other labels are laser-etched clearly, and not printed sloppily. Be sure to re-check the serial number.




Since it can be hard to distinguish branded headphones from the duplicate by packaging alone, if you get the chance, open the box and have a look at the accessories. In most cases, the provided accessories for the fake headphones are of lower quality and may be a different colour that doesn’t match the headphones’ colour and packaging theme.

2.Look for the serial number

The most trustworthy way to identify duplicates is by checking the serial number and trying to register the headphones with the manufacturer or retailer. Not all manufacturers or retailers give you that option, but if you can find a serial number, always try to register the headphones just to confirm that it’s new and unused. The serial number is often on the box but, in some cases, it’s hidden on the headphones itself.

3.Refund policy and price

If you buy your headphones from an authorized dealer or directly from the brand, then they will most likely have a refund or return policy to protect their customers from the duplicate and fake headphones. Always check the return and refund section of websites before making any big purchases. Lastly, price is often one of the easiest ways to distinguish a knockoff from the real thing.

An easy way to avoid buying duplicate headphones is to buy directly from the manufacturer or from the brand’s website. They tend to be a bit pricier than when sold by third party retailers, but there’s also very little chance that they will be fake or duplicate.


Bluetooth Speakers

Talking about bluetooth speakers, JBL leads to a far extent, and the only branded and high valued bluetooth speakers witnessed so far. Fake marketing of JBL speakers has enhanced so the need to verify speaker quality has become essential.

1. Inspect the packaging and logo placement.

2. Typically, the packaging is made of flimsy material

Look for the missing key details such as certifications, place of manufacture, address, and trademark/copyright information.

3. Logo placement is slightly off and the color does not match the genuine logo

If you buy any JBL Products, you can use its serial number to register it at JBL’s website. Genuine JBL Products will have a serial number that can be successfully registered.

Customers can visit nearby JBL Service Centre and get your product checked. They will use the barcode of your product to see wheather your product is branded or duplicate.



Branded vs Duplicate laptops 2020

A laptop that has been returned to the retailer or the manufacturer due to a defect discovered in the warranty or on expiry of the lease agreement can be repaired and reconditioned to an almost brand new laptop.

The next ‘crude’ test is a bit subjective as it involves smelling the surface of the computer. New laptops have an irritating smell of industrial cleaning agents. Hand refurbished Machines use home cleaning agents which have a fragrance and leaves the notebook surface creamy

Open command prompt and type c:>wmic bios get serial number, compare the BIOS serial number with the chassis serial number. If this is not the same then you may be cheated with a duplicate one . The serial numbers are a sure way to identify fake laptops but sometimes its very hard to identify fake laptops because of the many components that can be easily replaced. You can also visit the manufacturer’s website and punch in the serial number to indicate the status of the laptop. This feature works for specific laptops. One can easily replace a component, say the RAM sticks and use a different RAM sticks that look genuine. Probably also add all stickers to look like the genuine sticks.The  best way to avoid purchasing a fake laptop is to purchase the laptop from a genuine, reputable vendor

To know more about smartphones you may view5 Premium Smartphones Of 2020| Think Before Investing In One! 

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