Airtel X Stream Box VS Tata Sky Binge Box- Which One To Buy?

Due to the ever-increasing demand for the OTT services and the extensive use of technology, the DTH businesses have also started concerning themselves with the OTT applications, streaming sites, and much more to attract more customers towards them. There is a progressive change happening in the sector wherein the DTH operators are also moving to video-on-demand content (as it gives the viewers the right to choose their own filmed entertainment) streaming sites. They are looking for ways to deliver these approaches or programs through various apps onto their DTH platform.

Some of the huge names such as Tata Sky and Airtel Digital TV have actively contributed in this by making their attempts to deliver the different shows on to set-top boxes by different procedures, a few involving upgradations of their Set-Top Box and the others being via the use of entirely another device. Tata Sky and Airtel digital TV vary within this approach, which we will discuss in the following article.

The Prevalence of OTT platforms or over the top platforms, as they are commonly known, is snowballing as broadband and mobile data becomes more economical in India. Due to the prevalence of this OTT platform and its immense popularity in today’s era, DTH businesses are launching innumerable smart sticks to bridge the gap between TV and OTT platforms.

Airtel X Stream Box

Airtel X Stream Box-Make Your TC More Smarter

Lately, DTH firm Airtel has established its own X Stream Smart Stick. Formerly, Tata Sky also has established a Smart Stick. Now, we will provide you adequate information about different Smart Sticks available nowadays, and this advice will prove to be extremely helpful at the time buying as you will come to know which Smart Stick is better and cost-efficient.

The very first parameter to differentiate between the above two is how Tata Sky and Airtel Digital TV have approached OTT, and, in the way, both companies have opted to provide their Set-Top Boxes. Even though Airtel Digital TV has gone a few steps ahead and introduced a Hybrid Set-Top Box, Tata Sky continues to provide its HD Set-Top Box into the customers.

A Hybrid Set-Top Box is something that allows the customers to enjoy OTT content along with the satellite TV stations by the combination of both the things. A more standard Set-Top Box cannot provide this benefit. So, Airtel Digital TV’s Hybrid Set-Top Box, better known as the Airtel X Stream Box, comes with Android TV. Moreover, the subscribers enjoy an additional benefit of downloading games, apps, TV shows, and much more on the Set-Top Box itself without the necessity of any extra equipment.

Tata Sky differs in its strategy rather than going for Hybrid Set-Top Box for supplying access to OTT content, Tata Sky has decided to stay with its traditional supply of the HD Set-Top Box. And for providing the OTT content, it delivers an extra service known as the Tata Sky Binge that will permit the customers to get the required apps on their TV screens. Now, there’s also a significant cost difference that the customers must know about before purchasing anything. You can buy Tata Sky HD Set-Top Box at a relatively inexpensive cost of Rs 1,299, the Airtel X stream Box, on the other hand, can be bought for Rs 3,999.


Talking about the specifications, both the set-top-boxes come with a 2GB RAM and 8GB storage. You can also use a microSD card up to 128GB for additional support. A USB thumb drive or an external HDD can also be connected. You will find two USB 2.0 ports for this purpose.

Additional Connectivity choices include HDMI 2.0 interface, composite output, and a SPDIF port. Built-in Chromecast and Bluetooth support services are also available. Also, you’ve got both Ethernet and Wi-Fi support for internet connectivity.

OTT Apps and subscription

For the audiences who wish to access other apps as well, in their Tata Sky connection, they would need to find the Tata Sky Binge Service that can cost Rs 249 a month. With this subscription, the viewers will also be provided with a Tata Sky version Amazon Fire TV Stick that will let them access applications such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and much more to view OTT content on their TV screen. With this Rs 249 monthly subscription, the customers will receive a free subscription to 3 weeks of Amazon Prime, Hotstar, ZEE5, and many more services.

Airtel Users need to pay Rs 999 as a subscription price for a single year. This cost comes with some benefits as well, as the users receive an easy access to Airtel X Stream platform content at no cost. Other than this, users also have to pay an extra amount of Rs 360 per month, where they get access to 90 stations, including 15 HD ones.

Both set-top-boxes operate on Android OS; therefore, one also receives access to other applications like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and much more. Adding to this, one needs to pay a separate subscription, if any, to get access to content on those platforms.

Thus, Airtel X Stream Box and Tata Sky Binge box are both more or less equally great. All the specifications are above. Now you decide the one that’s best suited for you. Happy shopping!

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