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Airpods 2 VS Airpods Pro : Pros Of Noise Cancellation Feature

When we think of quality in terms of accessories Apple proves itself to be the best accessory product and the most promising brand. Airpods introduced by Apple is a wireless Bluetooth earbud. It includes features like background noise, addition to audio phone calls, accelerators, and optical sensors which can detect taps i.e double taps which can pause audios and in-ear placements. Automatic pauses are the plus point that pauses audio when taken out of ears. As the brand, Apple never lacks behind and keeps on competing and updating in the global market.

Airpods 2 vs Airpods pro 

Distinguishing Apple product needs a tough decision and thinking. So a tough comparison and is needed to have the best one. Here is some comparison which will help you to get the best one. 

FEATURES Airpods Airpods Pro 

  • Price: $159 $249
  • Chip used: H1 H1
  • Battery life (in hours): 5 4.5
  • Water Resistant: No resistance IPX4 – Resistance to sweat as well as water, cannot be used for long term purposes such as water sports
  • Case size: 2.11× 1.74× 0.84 2.39× 1.78× 0.85
  • Case weight: 1.41 ounces 1.61 ounces
  • Extraordinary features: announced messages with Siri, audio sharing Noise cancellation features ( most impressive and attractive),
  • Adaptive EQ, and all the features included in the second generation. 

A short comparison may not help everyone and everybody needs it. A brief discussion may let customers have a better choice.

Airpods 2 features

Price – Customers’ needs. 

Airpods Pros have a high price of $249 on the contrary Airpods 2 have an option for customers depending upon the customer’s comfort, style, and needs. To have a wireless charging case the price established is $199 whereas the latter does not include wireless charging demands for $159.


Airpods pro is the most noticeable due to sweat resistance Bluetooth earbuds which looks like a tiny bud. Airpods signature sheets ensure that it may not drop down from the ears. White sheets are shorter compared to Airpods 2 which provides an edge over its design. Pros are customizable. As it is embedded with three different sizes of silicone. Small, medium, and large are included in the box. Pros have a new venture system. The new buds are comfortable to wear which is the opposite case in sealed earbuds. 

Airpods 2 is believed to be the universal fit. But not customized silicone tip and these pods aren’t designed to be embedded in ears. They just sit outside so that customers can still listen to the outside world it has an added point in terms of road safety. But for video calling and e-learning, this is a major drawback.


Airpod 2 extra loudness and touch are more sonic. It proves to be much more defeated in front of pros as the range of Airport 2 is much more compressed. As pros sound richer and fuller. Although Airports pro is the best-performing Apple product, we have heard. 4. Performance 

Commonly H1 chips are established which includes 10 audio cones. Both Airport results in faster ‘Siri’ responses. But pros have noise cancellation features without sacrificing battery life. H1 chips powers a new hand free Siri features. With Airports 2 you can activate Siri without a tap using the “ Hey Siri” feature whereas on the older models you need to tap. 

Two taps when using Airpods for calls and also ensures the phones hang it up which is worth nothing if you often use your Airpods for phone calls. With Siri, you can often use voice commands to control your music, ask simple questions get whether information asks for the battery life of your device and your Airpods gets direction, control the volume, and more. Siri is the only way to control the volume of 4 Airpods in absence of iPhone as there are no volume controls on Airpods themselves. 

Airpods 2 Noise Cancellation

Noise Cancellation Features- Pros to iPhone 

Airpods Pro is Apple’s first in-ear headphones with Active Noise Cancellation, which is designed to adapt to the shape of your ear and block out the outside world so you can focus on what you are listening to. 

Pros have a noise cancellation features with an outward-facing microscope that listen for sounds and the work to counter it before it reaches our ears. An inward-facing mic also listens for sound and similarly work to cancel it. Along with a sealed fit of the pros design, you will be able to completely turn out the world around. Pros have a transparency mode so you can stand and listen to your playlists while hearing what people say to you outside while exercising and jogging. Due to transparency mode, it becomes handier. It adds to a nice blend to music as well as the outside world. 

Airpods 2 doesn’t include any form of noise cancellation feature and will have to rely on noise isolation from buds themselves. 

The major advantage of the noise cancellation feature is restricted sound from the surrounding world. 

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