Top 7 Harmful Apps For Your Smartphone Android Devices

Top 7 Harmful Apps For Your Smartphone Android Devices

Are you aware that downloading certain apps on your android device can prove to be a terrible mistake? There are different malicious apps available, which most of you may have come across some or the other day. You must have experienced the reduced speed of your smartphone soon after the installation of these apps. Ever wondered why that happened? If you’re curious enough to know, then the given list of top 7 harmful apps on your android devices might help in enlightening you.

Wi-Fi apps

These apps claim to offer you Wi-Fi hotspots, speed boosters, free Wi-Fi keys, network security, and avow to turn your android mobiles into Wi-Fi analyzers, etc. Be extra cautious with this sort of phone apps. If you don’t want these applications to access all of your data, avoid them.

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There are tons of Wi-Fi applications available like Master Wi-Fi key, Free Wi-Fi Pro, Smart Free Wi-Fi, and Free Wi-Fi Connect, to name a few. A tremendous number of such applications are being created each day, and not even Google can keep track and confirm the security of all of the new programs. The safety of your device mainly depends on you, so stay away from this one!

Battery savers and quick charge apps

Surely you do not fall for this one, do you? Because these applications do nothing more than merely taking up your phone’s memory. Numerous applications promise to make your android phone charge quicker or extend its battery life. For example, there are applications like Quick Charge and DU Battery Saver.

Image source: Bing. Top 7 Harmful Apps For Your Smartphone Android Devices

However, you have to understand that nothing, especially a program, can alter your gadget’s charging rate. Rather than helping your mobile’s battery operate more efficiently, they offer you an endless stream of advertisements that look even on your log stream. And hence, this makes your phone slow.

Weather apps

Weather apps used to be popular back in the day, at least until it was found that some of these contained harmful viruses. People came across a situation where a weather application had a built-in trojan that gathered information from the user’s phone and sent it to the attackers.

Image source: Bing. Top 7 Harmful Apps For Your Smartphone Android Devices

Thousands of people downloaded the program, which besides showing the weather forecast, also intercepted user’s texts, which allowed the attackers to access banking information without the 2-step authentication easily. Now that many smart devices include preloaded and considerably more trustworthy weather applications, nobody wants to download the other apps. As a result, the prevalence of those apps substantially decreased.


Optimizers, which include applications like Clean Master, are supposed to care for your phone by clearing your cache and deleting unnecessary applications. But most phones now come with this program already built-in, which makes this app useless.

Image source: Bing. Top 7 Harmful Apps For Your Smartphone Android Devices

Furthermore, they drain the battery life of your device. So, optimizers do not make your phone system quicker; they slow it down by taking up additional space and bring you undesired advertisements.

Built-in browsers

This category comprises browsers that come factory installed in your device (just like what they sound) and have unique features like gaming and video streaming. It is supposed to have a fast mode that compresses data and saves you tons of megabytes in use. But the fact is somewhat different from this. They are mostly slow functioning and not that popular.

Typically, built-in browsers open once you click a link that’s quite annoying but is most serious than just annoyance. This browser is used for monitoring and tracking purposes. As soon as you begin using it, your searches, Android ID, IMEI and IMSI numbers, and the other info is led to an Alibaba analytics tool. Additionally, the number of built-in advertisements is very absurd. So, know it is perilous for you as an individual.

Antivirus applications

There came a time when hackers began stealing peoples’ data from their cell phones, so, android antiviruses naturally began popping up everywhere, and that is when the hackers themselves got the smart idea to make their antivirus programs that can steal user’s personal information as well as completely block the mobile phone.

Image source: Bing. Top 7 Harmful Apps For Your Smartphone Android Devices

By way of instance, the fake antivirus named LOAPI displays ads that redirect the user to nasty internet tools. After this web page is opened, harmful files are automatically downloaded. Moreover, it’s capable of deleting, sending, responding to text messages, and even controlling the phone’s system. Adding to this, it subscribes you to various pay-for services. Another thing that makes this even more useless is that this program can overheat your phone so much the battery lumps and bulges, destroying your android smartphones!

Lie detectors

These lie Detecting programs, created just for fun, kill your battery. If you are one of those who trust these applications with a blind eye, then you must know that up until now, there are not any such real apps that detect lies. Maybe, later on, your phones would include built-in biometric sensors that can tell whether the person is speaking the truth or not.

Image source: Bing. Top 7 Harmful Apps For Your Smartphone Android Devices

But until that day, we are stuck with these fake apps. Today’s smartphone lie detectors are a mere time pass. Like any other similar program, they do not require access to your contacts and private data. If you’ve downloaded a lie-detecting application that is attempting to get this access, then know that something is definitely wrong!

                                                                    These apps drain your battery and make your phone slow. And that’s not all! They even pose a serious threat to your privacy. If you’ve downloaded any of the above-given apps in your device, then DELETE IT NOW!

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