Why Every Indian Wants An Apple Iphone! Are you the one?

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Apple iPhones are much famous among the Indian youth and working people because nowadays the iPhone is considered to representing a style statement or fashion, you can also say as “Show off”.

I really don’t know. Maybe its the ever lingering habit to show off. Indians are money savers by nature. We would hate to spend a penny over for a phone call, we wouldn’t dare make a call without our monthly packs activated. No message if our SMS packs get over.

Many youths buying an iPhone either from their parent’s money or whoever working just buy them through EMI paying it for 2 or 3 years as the phone price is higher than what they are earning. Some are also born rich to buy an iPhone.

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Many people prefer the iPhone and some prefer android because of their personal thinking and what their pocket allows.

Best Features Of iPhone-

BUILT QUALITY -: Apple is a good brand because as we talk about the built quality of all the iPhones they produced till now are superb, The camera performance and image processing speed of all the devices is excellent although there are many high-end Android devices that can perform better from the iPhone. Nowadays smartphones brand are very competitive and providing people with a premium Android device with good performance and Quality.

OPERATING SYSTEM -: Apple basically uses software which is called IOS which is totally different from Android devices. it is very smoother to run and with no UI lags. iPhone software is perfectly optimized than Android. The battery backup of the iPhone is pretty average than an iPhone, We can see the latest ios updates and Android version update as well. The updates in android devices are more than ios.

PRICING -:When we talk about the pricing of an Apple iPhone it is pretty much expensive, one has to think twice or thrice before buying it although the apple iPhone runs usually for 4- 5 years if you use it with a case and try not to do a drop test.

But Android smartphones have more brands options to choose from that you can buy at half the price of an iPhone. iPhones are pretty much expensive in India for an amount of more than 1 lakh.

PERFORMANCE -:In terms of performance, the Apple iPhones are smoother to use than androids but if you want a smartphone specifically for gaming purposes Android’s phone is better because many popular brands are manufacturing smartphones specifically for Gaming. In everyday use, you will not find a huge difference in the performance of iPhone or Android devices.

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So let’s conclude Why Every Indian wants an Apple iPhone?

it is because having an iPhone shows that you are rich and you will stand out from a crowd.

Most people commit this kind of financial mistake just for one reason and that is to showoff.

If you are earning 2-3 Lakhs every month then you can buy an iPhone or any other costly phone. But the point is; why is there a need for buying such costly gadgets on Credit Card which you can’t afford? you can check the  Prices of iPhones

Original Price- 10000
Discounted Price- 7500

 We often fall in the trap of marketers; all they are doing is just showing us the discounted price.

Even if we don’t need the product, we still end up buying it; all credit goes to that Discounted Price. You need to understand that you are not saving 2500; instead, you are spending 7500 on the product which you don’t need. People spend so much at the starting of the month that they have to borrow money from friends.Why Every Indian wants an Apple iPhone!are you the one?

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