8th-Gen Laptops Vs 10th-Gen Laptops| Best Pick?

The “generation” refers to the age of the CPU. Each generation has been made more power-efficient, lower heat generating, etc. The main difference between the different generations is the amount of energy it uses. As you go up the generations, they generally use the energy more efficiently, which results in a good performance. 10th-gen laptops are considered the latest one.

10th- gen vs 8th-gen Laptops

10th-gen 8th-gen

The 10th Gen Intel CPUs are basically based on 14nm+++, while the 8th gen is 14nm+.
What’s really new on the 10th Gen laptops CPU is Intel included HyperThreading on all the CPUs.Not all processors in the previous generation enjoyed HyperThreading.This is perhaps to combat’s AMD’s sheer number of cores and threads. In terms of number of cores and threads, AMD has the advantage. But despite having a lesser number of cores and threads, Intel has the advantage when it comes to clock speeds.

Speaking of clock speeds, the 10th Gen CPUs also feature Turbo Boost 2.0, Turbo Boost Max 3.0, and Thermal Velocity Boost. Unfortunately, the Thermal Velocity Boost is only available on the 10th Gen Core i9 CPUs. Intel also introduced a new core and memory over-clocking features. But we will have to see later how well this 10th gen CPUs over clock compared to their predecessors.

Intel’s 10th-gen vs 8th-gen

Intel’s10th-gen CPUs bring a lot of new advantages, but the current 8th-gen “Whiskey Lake” laptops are really, really good. They’re so good that the move to 10th-gen is going to be incremental for most people. Unless you must always have the newest hardware, or you really live in the edge of performance, buying from today’s 8th-gen Whiskey Lake CPUs is not a mistake. 

Graphics performance on the new 10th-gen laptops cores are indeed a big step forward for integrated graphics. Adaptive Sync support also helps by smoothing out less-than-ideal frame rates.
Unfortunately, these big improvements don’t mean 10th-gen laptops can suddenly game.

8th-gen laptops will be cheaper

If you’re driven by a deal more than sheer performance, 8th-gen laptops are the better choice at the moment. In the early days, sparse availability will keep 10th-gen prices high. The new LPDDR4X RAM will also add to the cost. When 10th-gen laptops finally roll out in large volumes, you’ll see 8th-gen laptops offering discounts and other incentives.

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